iPhone bulk purchaser robbed at Apple Fifth Avenue

New York 1010Wins Radio reported {that a} man who purchased 300 iPhones was robbed of the units when he left Apple Fifth Avenue.

The unnamed particular person purchased 300 iPhone 13 items and put them in three baggage earlier than heading out. It was about 2 within the morning. A automotive pulled alongside his and two males jumped out, demanding that the iPhone purchaser hand over the products. Understandably, the man fought and was subsequently punched earlier than the robbers took the luggage and left.

Apple Fifth Avenue mentioned that the person typically went to the shop and made bulk purchases within the location. He mentioned that it was to resell them via his store. The rationale why he purchased all these iPhone 13 items at 2 within the morning isn’t clear, and the NYPD is at present on the case.

Apple Fifth Avenue is open 24/7 and permits early morning purchases from prospects.

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